Tuesday, 23 January 2018


Electronic gadgets will now be controlled with skin tattoos

Now any electronic gadgets can be controlled without hand. In this age of artificial intelligence's growing trends and electronic gadgets, scientists have made an ultrathine electronic skin tattoo. With the help of this, gadgets and electronic items can be controlled with hands gestures.

According to the information, a team of Researchers has prepared such electronic skin so that people can not touch the electronic device used in common life. Along with this, virtual items can also be controlled using this skin.

How does the job work?

Scientists said that using this technology, a virtual bulb present in the computer has also been controlled, for which they fit a Permanent Magnet into the plastic structure of a ring-shape.

It has been made so thin that it will stick to your skin perfectly. It has a sensor that creates magnetic fields. Researchers said that sensors engaged in tattoos can feel the movement of the body with the help of a Permanent Magnet. Also, these sensors are so flexible that the bend, bending and pulling of the hand will not affect them.

Facebook New Technology For Blind Users

The employees working with Facebook, Matt king, are working on an artificial technology, with the help of blind users to use Facebook easily. In this project, Matte AI is changing the image or video by using the technology in an orally. So that the visually impaired users can easily read and understand.

Matt King, working on the engineer's post in Facebook, is mainly working on this project. More than 200 million photos are shared on Facebook every day. If this technique is used to filter those photos, then the work will be done very well.

King was suffering from a serious eye disease since his childhood, with the start of a job in IBM, King lost his eyesight completely. He worked on a technology through a screen reader, in which visually impaired people understand things through audio cue or braille devices. IBM was the first such company, which created the first screen reader for the graphical interface.

Anyone incompetent by this feature of Facebook can add the caption in the video, navigate the website with the help of audio cues only.

Monday, 22 January 2018


Will the phone be spoiled by charging overnight?

Even though these questions seem to be more difficult than the questions of Math and Science but it is not because there is a direct answer. But the same question if you prayed 3 or 4 years ago then the answer could have been yes because as you all know Technology keeps changing. Now know its technical aspect so that you do not have any idea that this is the answer.

First of all, find out which smartphone you are currently using, there is an auto cut off charging system that means that once your phone is fully charged, the charging of it automatically closes i.e. Take out that if you leave the phone in the charging all night, then it will break or the battery will be damaged.

If you do not have faith, then pay a little bit attention while charging the phone in a charging plug. A light is lit in some phones, in light of the battery when the light turns on the battery, then light turns off in some sense, that is, as soon as your battery is fully charged The sensors engaged in the phone stop charging.

At the same time some people also say that the phone should not talk while charging, but the phone starts to heat, but it does not have to take any of it if you talk about charging while calling your phone. Hardware and software may be a problem.

Facebook New Feature (Watch Party) Launching Soon

Social networking platform Facebook offers many special features to promote its popularity. The company is once again preparing to give its users a great deal of convenience. It is news that Facebook can launch a fun feature called 'Watch Party' on its platform very soon.

This feature has been designed keeping members of the Facebook group in mind. With the help of the Watch Party feature, all members of the group will be able to watch a video together in real time. Not only that, watching a video on the group will also have the freedom to give a comment or a reaction to each member.

However, only the admin and the moderator will have the right to put the video on the group. On Wednesday, Facebook Product Vice President Fidel Shimoi said, "Admin can put public or personal video (live or recorded) according to your mind." The company is currently testing this feature, but this feature will soon be able to reach the normal user

Sunday, 21 January 2018


World's First Under Fingerprint Smartphone-Vivo X20 Plus UD

Vivo X20 Plus UD is the most awaited smartphone of this year. This will be the world's first under-display fingerprint sensor smartphone. Recently, this smartphone was spotted on China's Certification Website Tina and now the price and launch date of this smartphone has come up.

The price of Vivo X20 Plus UD has been revealed on Twitter. According to which the game changer smartphone will be launched on January 25, and it will cost 3,998 yuan (about 625 USD). Tech leak @Slashleaks has tweeted that this new Vivo phone will leak on January 25.

According to TENAA, the Viva X20 UD will come with an all-screen i.e. without front panel full display. Its rear panel will come with metal unibody. Apart from this, Antenna bands will be given up and down. This phone of Vivo can come with a dual camera setup which will come with LED flash.

The Vivo X20 UD can have 128 GB storage, which can be increased to 256 GB. The smartphone can have a 12-megapixel primary camera and a 5-megapixel secondary camera. The news is that this will come with Android Nougat OS. It can be given a 3,800mAh battery.

Let us know that Vivo was shown in the prototype CES 2018 with a smartphone with under-display sensor technology.

Private Tweets Can be Saved On Twitter Soon

The microblogging website Twitter announced in October last year that it will bring a feature called Save For Later. Through this feature, users can easily save any tweets so that such essential tweets can be viewed later.

It is now reported that the company has started testing it on Twitter's Android beta version. Although earlier information was told that this feature will be presented as Save For Later, but leak information will be considered by the company to launch this feature in the name of Bookmark.

According to a report from English website 9to5Google, after coming to this feature, clicking on the menu option above the right side of each tweet will show the option of Add Tweet to Bookmarks. This option can be given at the top of the menu bar. Apart from this, there will also be a shortcut method to use it. Actually, the bookmarks feature can also be accessed from the navigation drawer under the charm tab.

Friday, 19 January 2018


How to Make any Phone a Satellite Phone

Many times our phones do not get the network and if you are on top of a mountainous terrain or mountain top then the network will get very difficult in the phone. In such cases, we also get help from satellite phones, but today we tell you a way out, after knowing which Mount Everest will also get a network in your smartphone.

Make Satellite Phone

So if you want, the next time you go to the Himalayan peaks, talk to the phone easily, then Thuraya SatSleeve has come in the market for you. Actually this is a mobile cover which is like a satellite. With this help you can easily do messaging, e-mail checks and internet browsing.

This mobile cover comes in three variants
For iPhone: This adapter supports iPhone 5 / 5s, iPhone 4 / 4s and iPhone 6 / 6S.
For Android: This adapter is currently available for Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and S5.
SatSleeve +: This is a universal adapter that will support all the iPhone and Android devices.

Satsleeve also has rechargeable batteries. You do not have to worry about the battery, because with it you will also get a solar charger. The cost of this special cover is $ 499, although its price can disappoint the users.

Tips to Use Long Lasting Your Phone

In the beginning, when the phone with buttons came, they used to run for years. Still some old Nokia phones will get you to see. But after the smartphone arrives, no one uses his phone for so long Change the phone in six months and a year. Although some amateur do so, some people change the phone because there is a problem in the phone. If the smartphone is a little old then the trouble starts. If the screen of a phone gets damaged then someone can see the hang problem.

Tips to Use Long Lasting Your Phone

Likewise, if someone complains of a battery, then there is a network problem. But let me tell you that we are responsible for the extent to which such problems occur in the phone. If used a little bit, you can use your smartphone for a long time. If you use the phone with care, the phone will look good for a long time, but the performance will also be intact. Next we have explained some such methods.

1. Phone Body Key Safety

Today, when a smartphone launches, companies rely on various types of security such as screen protection strong body and screen but can not say anything how beneficial it is. Because the phones are still broken and scratch is still on the screen. So do the security of the phone.

Tampard Glass: If you want to use the phone for a long time then firstly protect its screen. Today the screen of the phone is bigger and on the front panel there is only a small space left after the screen. In such a way, the phone is released by hand, the first screen is broken. So it would be better if you use the tampered glass in the phone. Today, tipped glasses of new fiber have come here, which are more robust and keep screen more secure. So it is better to use them.

Phone cover: Body protection is also important with the screen. This will not only make your phone look like new but will get more security. Even when falling on the body side, the phone screen often gets broken or there is a second loss of some kind. However, note here that the cover does not belong to Mattel. If the company gets cell-sale then it is even better. It does not cover the antenna and the call quality of the phone is made.

2. Keep the battery in focus
After the security of the display and body comes the talk about the most important thing in the smartphone's power. Because if the power backup is correct then only the phone will work correctly. Therefore it is important to take care of the phone's battery.

Avoid completely discharge: Lithium Ayan Battery, if fully discharged, reduces its performance. So try that the battery is not fully discharged. If possible, put it on the charge before the battery is below 20%. This makes battery performance.

Avoid counterfeit chargers: If you want to use the phone for a long time, you should always take care of battery protection. So avoid connecting the fake charger in the phone. Because there is a scale set with the charger set with the sale pack, whereas there is no scale of cheap fake charger and it can ruin your phone completely. Not only do not charge your phone anywhere on the charge Try to use your charger only. Without a service center, you can also fix camera problems in Android phones, learn easy solutions

3. Keep the focus of storage
The problem of hang and slow down in the smartphone comes when the phone starts filling memory. Therefore, during phone use it is important that you take care of memory.

Take a look at Cloud Storage: There are several files in your phone that you do not use quickly and do not even want to delete them. But keep in mind that these files work to fill the phone memory. In such cases, those files you use to store on the cloud. You can use Google Drive and Drop Box for this. When the need arose. Claude files you can access from the computer or any other phone.

Delete the unwanted file Delete: Blur photos and useless usages of filling video memory in the phone. So by taking a little time, if you delete those files then it is much better. The phone's memory will be empty and you will be able to use it for a long time.

4. Remove the application

When you take a call, many apps are without work. At times, you download any such application which is not useful after one time. It's much better if you remove these unwanted apps. If uninstalling, then disconnect them. It will not be able to use this memory nor will you tighten through updates and notifications.

5. Do not update more than two OS
There is no doubt that many features are added to the phone with OS updates and become more secure than before, but keep in mind that more OS updates also slow down the phone. Try not to make more than two updates on the new OS version.

6. Do not Drag Unknown Sources

People often download apps from Bluetooth, Share, and PCs in smartphones. But you do not know that doing so damages your phone life. Bluetooth or APK transfer is a threat to the virus coming in the phone, which can completely erode your phone. At the same time the risk of data theft is also very high. Simultaneously, avoiding app downloading from third-party app stores.

7. Take care of the temperature

You may be surprised to know that there may be a problem with the phone's battery even during high temperatures and extremely low temperatures. At the same time, performance can also have an impact. So try not to keep the phone in a place where there is too much sunlight or too much cold.

8. Sometimes call the phone

We have given above information that your smartphone should never be discharged. But if you do manually in the week or twice a month manually then it will be good. After applying the phone after a few seconds, the unwanted cache files are deleted and the phone works like new.

This Technology Will Tell When Will You Die

Artificial Intelligence will be used to estimate death, it may sound strange to hear. But the researchers are trying to give a permanent shape to a technology which can alert the doctor about the risk of death in the near future. With this, the doctors can approach the patients and their relatives to consider the right way to end life.

These efforts have been made by a team of Stanford University. Researchers used a machine learning technique named Deep Learning. Which uses Neural Network to filter and learns with a lot of data.

Machine works like this!

After preparing this model, the team of researchers picked up the data of the 20 million electronic health records admitted in the hospital and feed the Deep Learning Algorithm in the data. After this AI predicted which patient can embrace death from 3 to 12 months.

A team member and Ph.D. candidate at the AI ​​Lab of Stanford University assured that, "We can create a predictive model by using regularly collected operational data to replace healthcare, instead of a carefully designed experimental study Are there.

These models can be a good source of information about which patient needs good care before the end of life. Also, what kind of treatment is needed to keep the patient alive.

See The World CCTV Camera's Live Footage In Your Mobile

Here we are telling you a trick that will allow public cctv cameras from around the world to live. For this, you have to go to Google Play Store and download an app called Live Camera Viewer for IP Cams.

This app claims that with its help you can see more than 50 thousand CCTV cameras live. This allows CCTV cameras from India to the US to be seen. These include from hospital to hotel reception, road, skewer. Time, date and place names you can see on the mobile phone screen.

Ten million people have downloaded ...

- So far 10 million people have downloaded this app. This is how it is known about its popularity.
- This app works on Android 4.1 or above.
- Its interface is very easy.
- The quality of the video is good. You can see the content of HD quality from this.
- Users have given it 4.0 stars out of 5.

How does this happen:

With this application only people can see the places for which the App Authority has taken the permit.

That is, if a hotel or mall does not permit access to this app then its cctv can not be seen.

Note: The Live Camera Viewer for IP Cams app claims that with its help you can see more than 50 thousand CCTV cameras live. We do not confirm this claim.


WhatsApp YouTube Video Only For iOS Users

Whatsapp has rolled out its feature for iPhone users. Under this feature, WhatsApp users will be able to watch YouTube videos in instant messaging app. January 18th, after this time whenever your friend shares a youtube video on WhatsApp, you will not need to go out of the app to see it.

How will work

The YouTube clip will run like a floating video on your smartphone screen. According to WA-BetaInfo, users will have to update their Whatsapp, version 2.18.11. Can be updated from this app store. There are some other improvements along with bug fixes.

To watch YouTube on WhatsApp, users must simply share or receive a link in the chat. They will see a play button in a bubble on the video.

Earlier, when users clicked on a link, the YouTube video was opened in the smartphone installed in the YouTube app.

According to WABetaInfo, if the users now go from one chat to another, the video will not stop playing. This update is yet to come for Android and Windows users.

Whatsapp has over 200 million active users in India and more than 1.2 billion active users in the world.

Thursday, 18 January 2018


How to Remove Background From Images

Many times your photo comes with unwanted people or a bad background that you want to remove from your picture. Now you have to do a lot of trouble to remove the background from these pictures. There are many software online that you can use to change the background of your photos. In this you can use background burner and Photoshop. In this news we are telling you how to remove the background from the photo.

Remove from Background Burner Background of photo-

Step 1- First open the Background Burner software in your computer.

Step 2- After selecting the website, click on Select File to select the photo you want to change.

Step 3- Photo upload takes a little time. Shortly after uploading the photo, 4-5 edited pictures will be seen on the website. You have to choose one of these given pictures that you feel is right.

Step 4- If you have to make any further changes to the given pictures, click the Touch up button.

Step 5- After this, use Mark Foreground and Mark Background tool to remove unwanted parts from photos.

Step-6- After this you will see the preview option on the right side of the website, in which you will see an edited photo. If you are looking for that picture right click on the Finish button.

Step 7- Now click download to download the edited photo.

Also, with the help of Photoshop software, you can also change the background of your photos. Know here the whole way ...

Step 1- Open Photoshop in your computer first.

Step 2- Now select Photoshop from the Photoshop whose background you want to change.

Step3- Then select the Magic Wand / Lasso tool in the software.

Step 4- Now click on the background and tap on the delete button, after which the background will disappear from your picture.

Step 5- Save the edited new photo in PNG format after this.

How to Change Your PDF Into Text

Almost everyone uses Adobe Reader in the computer. But do you know how to convert Adobe's PDF file to text? There are several ways and software available online for this. There are also ad in many softwares that try to steal their personal information by offering different offers to users. At the same time, these software also ask for money to convert the file.

In this news we are going to tell you about a secure software which can easily convert files to free. The name of this software is Tabula. This is a free software. It can be easily downloaded and installed. It can be used on Windows and Mac.

Learn how Tabula works?

To download it, visit its website. Now click on Windows or Mac which is also downloadable. Now there will be an option to save it. Save it from here.

Now where it is saved, right click on the file. Then tap on Extract. This will save your file.

After that open the folder and install the app that is given here in the PC. This software will be opened in your browser's new tab.

Here you can upload more than one PDF file. Here you have the option of browsing. Tap on it.

Select any file you want to convert now. Then tap on Import. Here you will find the option of waiting for the process.

After the process is completed, a new window will open before you. Your PDF file will be provided here. Select the data text you want to convert from here and click on Preview and export extracted data above.

Now another window will open where you have been given the text. You can save it anywhere.

How to Access Your Computer without Keyboard

Sometimes it is possible to see that you are doing important work on the computer and your keyboard stops working, so your necessary work stops which you are doing. But you should not be disturbed in such a situation. We are going to tell you an easy way in this news that you can help you to type on the computer even after the keyboard is damaged.

Tell you that the computer already has pre-installed 'onscreen keyboard'. With this help you can easily type typing without supporting the keyboard. You can take the help of the mouse to type in the 'Onscreen Keyboard'. Along with this, you can also take the help of some extensions that you can reconfigure the voice and convert it to text. You can type the article with the help of these extensions.

How To Find Onscreen Keyboard: Even if your computer or laptop's keyboard is bad, you can still get help with the onscreen keyboard. For this you have to go to the system's Start menu. After that go to 'Program' here. Here you will see the option of virtual keyboard. In addition, if you are using Windows 7, then type "On Screen Keyboard" in the search bar given on the Start. On this screen keyboard you can type with the help of the mouse. Let you know that the onscreen keyboard contains all the buttons that are in the normal keyboard.

You can also do the job of clicking the mouse on the wrong side: With the keyboard, if the click of your mouse is not working, you can still type in the on-screen keyboard. For this, move the mouse cursor over the word or letter that you want to type. However, for this you have to make some changes to the settings of the onscreen keyboard.

These changes in settings: First of all, on the right-hand side of the onscreen keyboard-click the option below. You will now have a new window open in front of you. In this you have to select the option of 'Over Over Keys'. Here you will get the time to choose from. With this help you will automatically type the mouse over a word or letter. According to you, you can do more or less time here. After doing the entire process, click OK. Keep in mind that the mouse click button is fine when changing settings.

how to change the font size of your mobile

Even though the smartphone has become the means of need in today's time. But still many people do not have to properly operate the phone. In addition, users also have difficulty in changing fonts and changing their size. This is a complaint that ou often hear from older people in your homes.

Today we are going to tell the users on the same complaint that how to change the font size of your mobile:

First go to your mobile menu.

Here you will see the Settings option, click on it. Here you will see lots of options, one of these will also show you the Display option.

Go to Display and click on You will also see many options in the display, this is where you will see a Font Size, then click directly on Font Size.

Clicking on Font Size will show you four options. These four options are Small, Normal, Large, Extra Large.

The default font size of the phone would be normal, but if you think that the font looks big enough to see, then click on Small, after which the letters appearing in your mobile will look small.

If you are giving a smartphone to a large member of your house then the Large font can prove to be a good option. This will make the letters of the phone look bigger and you can read any word easily without seeing it. At the same time, the Extra Large option is used by very few users because of this, the characters of the phone look quite large, which we do not get used to. So you go to your smartphone and check this option and set the font according to your convenience.