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Many of you will be active on twitter and you will also be able to tweet-retweets everyday. Many times you may have realized that there will be information about Keyboard Shortcuts for Twitter, so today we are going to tell you some keyboard shortcuts for Twitter. With these shortcuts, you can stay active on Twitter comfortably and quickly, so let's know about them.

10 Twitter Shortcut Keys that Every User Should Know

For new tweets- press N

For reply to a tweet - by clicking on the tweet you want to reply to, press R on your keyboard.

For the re-Tweet-keep mouse on Tweet button and press T

To block a particular user - open his profile and press B

To tweet - Ctrl + Enter

Go to Home at any time - G + H

To View Notification - G + N

To view your profile - G + P

To go to Twitter Settings- G + S

For Direct Messages- M