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When buying a phone, we take special care of all the RAM, storage, camera as well as battery power. As the phone is becoming necessary for us, we are beginning to be careful about the phone's battery and immediately charge it charging even when the charge is low. But there are many things about the battery that we just hear as rumors. Let's know what lies connected to the phone's battery, which we have come to believe as true.

6 Common Battery Myths that You Probably Believe

➨ It is a lie that charging the phone overnight damages his battery. All the smartphones nowadays have an internal circuit, so that the full charge of the phone gets 100%, these automatic shutters off the power of the phone.

➨ Often we hear that using the phone during charging can cause the phone to burst and break. The truth is that by doing this, the problem of phone hardware or software can only be problematic.

➨ Everyone says that the phone ends more quickly than the phone does. It's not like that, unless you repeatedly open the app and use it, the battery will not cost.

➨ It is a lie that 3G is spent more than 4G networks. Explain that 3G or 4G if SIM quality is good or the signal quality is good, the battery will have the same cost.

➨ It is said that the battery is quickly damaged when charging from the battery. The truth is that the only difference is that charging from charger and charging from a laptop is a little slow charge phone.

➨ It is a lie that Battery run faster than keeping thebluetooth and GPS off. It does not read any effect on the battery, but yes, Bluetooth and GPS should be kept so that the phone's data can not be hacked.