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9 iOS Features that  Copied by Android

In the mobile world, you may have seen that a company is quitting technology to steal the other company. Never Apple's on Samsung, then on Samsung's Apple, Google at Microsoft, and sometimes Microsoft on Google. However, despite these allegations, these companies will often see you on the same platform and they will be seen sharing their technology with each other. This is the reason that if any feature has been launched by a company earlier then later in the second phone you will get similar features. Although these techniques are sometimes shared, it is sometimes seen that development is done by itself, which can be said to be copied. Today, we have given information of 9 such features that came to Apple first and later Google copied it for Android.

1. Smartlock

You must have used the Smartlock feature in an Android smartphone. Through it, you can set up Trusted Place and Trashed device. As soon as you go to Trusted Place, your phone will be unlocked automatically. This feature was first introduced by Apple in the iPhone which Android later used in its phone.

2. Folder Creation

When there are lots of apps in the Android phone, you divide it into folders. This app is very good. Keeping an app on another app becomes a folder. These features were available in iOS before Google's Android phone.

3. 3D Touch

Apple introduced the 3D touch with the iPhone S and 6S Plus, and by that time Android did not have this feature. But later Android has copied it and now it comes under the name of Sense Touch in Android phones. This feature can now be seen in many phones including pixels and note 8.

4. Photo backup

Google has now given the gallery backup option in the Android phone, while the iPhone has sync options on Icloud very long.

5. Google Now

You may have used the Google Voice Assist feature but you probably do not know that Voice Assistant was launched by Apple from Siri.

6 App Permissions

Google has introduced App Permissions with Nuggets. Where you can give a permit to view contacts, messages, and photos according to the app.

7. Split Screen

In iOS 9, Apple introduced the Split Screen feature first and there was a lot of discussion of this feature. Later Google introduced this feature from Android N.

8. Picture In Picture

Apple first introduced the Picture in Picture feature. Where you can do any work while watching the video. This feature is now also available in Android. Google has started this feature by Naugat, you can run an app while watching the video. You can even make a video call

9. Notifications Replay

You can now only reply to messages or Whatsapp in reply to Android phones, but this feature was introduced from iOS 8.