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Samsung and LG, the two largest smartphone makers, on Saturday claimed that they do not slow down their phones with older batteries, as Apple did to avoid the unexpected shutdown with iPhones, which Apple later accepted. .

Companies Claimed that their Smartphone's Battery do Not Slow Phones

PhoneArrena said in reference to Samsung, "Product quality has always been Samsung's top priority for Samsung. We extend battery life through multi-layered security measures, which includes software algorithms that are capable of battery charging current and charging period Manages. "

The company said, "We do not reduce the performance of our CPU by releasing updates to our phones." LG has also released a similar statement and said that it does not slow down its smartphones.

Motorola, owned by Taiwan's leading giant HTC and Lenovo, has also confirmed that they do not slow down their old phones due to older batteries.

In the US, eight lawsuits have been filed against Apple for slowing its old iPhones, besides the legal action being taken in the company of Israel and France.