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People on social media are now using GIF more than video, audio and photos. The special thing is that it can be used in less data. Along with this, gradually now the GIF is being shared on every social media platform. But many of us do not have to make GIF people. We can tell you how with the help of an application and a website you can create a GIF that you want.

Best GIF Creater in 2018

Gif Creator- There are many special features in it, with the help of just 30 seconds, the photo or video in your gallery can be made in GIF. Users can also make changes to animated images in the GifCreator app. This app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Gif Maker - GIF Maker is also a good option for creating GIF images. Through this app, you can easily create and share gif files. Also, the specialty of this app is that it supports 24 languages ​. In it, you can also create 9 photos collage of GIF photos.

imgflip- Photo and video on this website can not only create a GIF image but also music can be added to it. Animated videos can also be prepared on this website. Users can set up speed in GIF itself.

Video to Gif- With this app you can easily convert video to GIF. If you want, you can also select a video from your gallery and create a GIF at the same time.