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Many of us have been using Android smartphones for a long time, but we  only know some of its settings. There are many features in Android that can change the settings of the phone to increase performance so you do not need to install any app in the phone separately. Some options will be enabled and disabled by going to the phone's settings.

Today in this article we are telling you about some major Android settings.

Personal Information:

Google tracks all of our activity and if someone wants to steal your privacy, you can opt out of personalized ads. To do this, you can click Settings -> Google> Add> Enable Opt Out of Ads Personalization.

Enabling Doze Off Mode:

It's a feature available in Android Marshmallow, which helps you save battery life on your Android device. You can set it to Settings -> Battery> Three dot -> Doze and app hibernation -> toggle the app that you want to exclude

Enable Instant Auto Lock:

Enabling auto lock saves your information. To do this, you can reduce your screen time limit by going to Settings> Display> Sleep.

Instant app feature:

This feature lets you use any app without having to install it, saving you time and data. You can enable it by going to Settings -> Google -> Inline Instant Application> Yes.

Google Play Protect

It's a security service for Android, it's built in every device with Google Play and automatically takes action to keep your data and device safe By default, the Protect option is turned off, you're setting -> Google - You can turn it on by going to Protect-> Google Play -> Turn On.

Adding a line with numbers in the keyboard:

Most of us are comfortable with the G-board app if you are from those who type fast and the numbers slow you down. So to avoid this, you can add a line of different numbers on the keyboard, you just have to go to g-board settings -> click on Preference> Number row.

Hiding the sensitive content:

We can see things along with the notification on the lock screen. If your content is important, it is better to hide notification. To do this, you can hide the content of the notifications shown on the lock screen. To do this, click Settings> Notification> - Cog icon on the top right

Tap on the lock screen -> Choose to skip the sensitive notification content.

Put Chrome's address bar down:

If you are using a large screen mobile and you are finding it difficult to access the keyboard, you can bring the address bar from top to bottom. To do this, open the Google Chrome app and type 'chrome: // flags' in the address bar. Now navigate to the setting 'Chrome Home Android' and tap on 'Find in page'. Now to go directly to the settings, search the word 'home' and click 'Enable' from the drop-down menu.