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Now any electronic gadgets can be controlled without hand. In this age of artificial intelligence's growing trends and electronic gadgets, scientists have made an ultrathine electronic skin tattoo. With the help of this, gadgets and electronic items can be controlled with hands gestures.

According to the information, a team of Researchers has prepared such electronic skin so that people can not touch the electronic device used in common life. Along with this, virtual items can also be controlled using this skin.

How does the job work?

Scientists said that using this technology, a virtual bulb present in the computer has also been controlled, for which they fit a Permanent Magnet into the plastic structure of a ring-shape.

It has been made so thin that it will stick to your skin perfectly. It has a sensor that creates magnetic fields. Researchers said that sensors engaged in tattoos can feel the movement of the body with the help of a Permanent Magnet. Also, these sensors are so flexible that the bend, bending and pulling of the hand will not affect them.