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Facebook has been trying to improve its platform every day. Through this, he will be able to add more and more users to Facebook. Let's justify that Facebook has made major changes recently. At the same time there are still some changes which are working fast. It is a part of this update, such as posting of business pages rather than posting friends 'posts and relatives' importance to newsfeed.

So let's know what Changes Facebook Made....

1.facebook market place

The marketplace is now widely available in India. Let us know that many users have received this feature. This feature is exactly like the OLX. Through this, users can buy and sell any item in their community. There are also all categories within it. In this you can set an item in the fixed area.


Facebook has recognized the new 'groups' feature for Android users. Its option is in the menu bar at the top. This new feature basically gathers all your groups together. Here you can see all the groups that you are a member of. All their recent activities will also be seen. Apart from this, you can get a chance to join some other groups of the same type. Not only this, the user can now share the status directly with the group on Facebook. Say this feature is available only for Android Apps users.

3. Missing of the Ticker

Between these updates, Facebook has removed the real-time updating column ticker given on the right-hand side of the home-screen. The ticker used to show whom you wrote and commented on on your friends, but now maybe the decision to remove this feature was taken on the social networking platform, considering the rising issues on privacy issues.

4. Pole feature

For information, let's say Facebook recently introduced the polling feature for its users. This feature is similar to Twitter's polling feature. If seen, this new feature of Facebook is a rebranded version of 'Questions' which was disselected last year.

5. Stories Feature

Let's say Facebook has introduced Stories feature on its platform last year. It is on the lines of Snapchat features. Since then, Facebook has constantly been trying to improve this feature for its users. Let's say this feature was only available to mobile users at the beginning. But, now it has also been introduced for desktop users.