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The employees working with Facebook, Matt king, are working on an artificial technology, with the help of blind users to use Facebook easily. In this project, Matte AI is changing the image or video by using the technology in an orally. So that the visually impaired users can easily read and understand.

Matt King, working on the engineer's post in Facebook, is mainly working on this project. More than 200 million photos are shared on Facebook every day. If this technique is used to filter those photos, then the work will be done very well.

King was suffering from a serious eye disease since his childhood, with the start of a job in IBM, King lost his eyesight completely. He worked on a technology through a screen reader, in which visually impaired people understand things through audio cue or braille devices. IBM was the first such company, which created the first screen reader for the graphical interface.

Anyone incompetent by this feature of Facebook can add the caption in the video, navigate the website with the help of audio cues only.