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In the year 2018, there will be a total of 2.32 billion devices worldwide, which includes PCs, tablets and mobile phones, while in 2017 total sales of 2.28 billion devices were sold. Gartner gave this information on Monday. The report said that when it comes to that segment, which is the highest sale, the smartphone is at the top. In this, high-end smartphones and Apple and Microsoft Windows Devices will encourage the highest demand.

Gartner said, 9 percent of the smartphones sold by 2021 will be able to work with the 5G network. And In the coming season, most buyers will pay attention only to the utility rather than price, and therefore the sale of high priced devices will accelerate."

Sales of traditional PCs declined 5.4 percent in the year 2018, while notebook sales declined by 6.8 percent. In the year 2018 only the premium segment of the PC was recorded faster, the rest of the PC market declined.

Sales of mobile phones increased by 2.6 percent in 2018 and total 1.9 billion smartphones were sold. In 2018, smartphone sales were up 6.2 percent, which was 87 percent of total mobile phone sales.

Robert Cozza, director of research at Gartner said, "We expect that Apple's sales will be faster than the other market in 2018, in which the introduction of new models will be a major contributor to the trend of changing the phone." Cozza said, We estimate that by the year 2021, 9 per cent of smartphones will be sold with 5G support. "

Cozza further said, "Overall, the 5G video and streaming services will be an important driver, as it will support the new AI applications with the fast uplink.