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Google is about to release a new version of Chrome this week. This new version of Google Chrome will go new and interesting. In this post, we will try to know what this new version of Google Chrome will bring to the users and what benefits will it be to the users?

Autoplay videos will be able to mute

The new version of Google Chrome will introduce a lot of new features for users. One of the most important features is to mute the sites. Under this feature, users will be able to completely mute the sites on which videos are autoplayed. There are many sites on the Web that do not provide users the best experience of site search. That's because the videos start getting autoplay when they arrive. Once users scroll through the pages, users do not feel the voice of the video and it's easy to walk on their own. In such cases, users immediately turn off the site. But now it will not be needed. Now you can easily mute the entire site in a right click. After this update the mute tab feature that was temporarily fetched will also be removed.

HDR will be chrome

Google is also bringing HDR support to support Chrome 64 for Windows users. For this, users will need PC, HDR compatible monitors and graphic cards with Fall Creators Updates. This latest version of Chrome will protect Mac and Windows users from meltdown and other troubles / vulnerabilities. The Google SharedArrayBuffer is following other browsers in terms of trying to reduce the attaches by disabling the feature.