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Bulletin App

Google has launched its new News App to give competition to Facebook. The most important feature of this app is that any user can post their event immediately. That is, now users will be able to post photos, videos and text from this app just like in Facebook post.

Google has given this new app a bulletin name. This Facebook app is absolutely free and lightweight. Slow can run smoothly on the internet as well as taking less space in the phone. Users will be able to post direct news, videos and photos from around this app. Through this app, Google is going to challenge the social media giant Facebook.

So far, users use Facebook as a social platform, but it is believed that this app from Google is now going to be hit hard by Facebook.

The app will soon come to India

Google has not yet launched this app in India. It is believed that soon the company will issue it to India as well. Google has just launched Bulletin app in the limited area like Oakland, California. Local users of these areas can use this app.