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The hackers have stolen $ 400k worth of 'stellar' cryptocycranses after breaking into the digital wallet blackwallet. According to CNN, an unknown group hijacked Blackwallet's server and stole the virtual currency placed in it.

In a statement released on CNN's late late Tuesday, "In a statement sent by founder of open source online stellar wallet, said that its server has been hacked."

According to the report, "Orbit 84" on the raid shared that a hacker hacked its hosting provider's account and changed its DNS settings and installed its hosted version. In the attacker's wallet, a link to which was shared, the cryptocrycency steel worth $ 4 million was seen.

According to the Tech News website Bleeping Computer, Blackwhite tried to warn the users through forums. Although many users kept logging in their account and lost their money.

It has been said that the hackers sent the amount repaid to Bitex, which is a virtual currency exchange, where it was converted into any other digital currency, so that they could not be caught.