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Hakers Earned a lot from these Companies

Bridging the data has become a threat to the world. In the last four years, hackers targeted the world's leading companies, stole data of millions of dollar. Here we are telling you from Yahoo and LinkedIn about all the companies that hackers have already made of their prey so far have paid 6,841,625,604 USD 

Yahoo: Yahoo revealed in September 2016 that hackers hacked the company's 50 million accounts in 2014. Three months later Yahoo increased this number and disclosed that hackers have broken into 3 billion users' accounts. The company estimated the value of stolen data to be around $350 million.

Equifax: Equifax is a US credit reporting agency. Hackers broke into Equifax, steal the customer's Social Security Numbers, Birthday, Addresses and License Number. Hackers broke the data of 2,209,200 USD people from Equifax, whose total cost was estimated at 1,893,600 USD.

LinkedIn: Hackers bid on the Dark Web of LinkedIn's 16.7 million accounts in 2016. The company has estimated the cost of this data to be 4,102,800 USD.

Home Depot: The Home Depot first broke into the year 2014. But after several months, the company came to know of it on September 2, 2014. The company told that hackers broke the payment system and broke the data and stole $ 5.6 million credit card information. The company estimated the cost of data stolen to be 18,364,414.70 USD .