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Sometimes it is possible to see that you are doing important work on the computer and your keyboard stops working, so your necessary work stops which you are doing. But you should not be disturbed in such a situation. We are going to tell you an easy way in this news that you can help you to type on the computer even after the keyboard is damaged.

Tell you that the computer already has pre-installed 'onscreen keyboard'. With this help you can easily type typing without supporting the keyboard. You can take the help of the mouse to type in the 'Onscreen Keyboard'. Along with this, you can also take the help of some extensions that you can reconfigure the voice and convert it to text. You can type the article with the help of these extensions.

How To Find Onscreen Keyboard: Even if your computer or laptop's keyboard is bad, you can still get help with the onscreen keyboard. For this you have to go to the system's Start menu. After that go to 'Program' here. Here you will see the option of virtual keyboard. In addition, if you are using Windows 7, then type "On Screen Keyboard" in the search bar given on the Start. On this screen keyboard you can type with the help of the mouse. Let you know that the onscreen keyboard contains all the buttons that are in the normal keyboard.

You can also do the job of clicking the mouse on the wrong side: With the keyboard, if the click of your mouse is not working, you can still type in the on-screen keyboard. For this, move the mouse cursor over the word or letter that you want to type. However, for this you have to make some changes to the settings of the onscreen keyboard.

These changes in settings: First of all, on the right-hand side of the onscreen keyboard-click the option below. You will now have a new window open in front of you. In this you have to select the option of 'Over Over Keys'. Here you will get the time to choose from. With this help you will automatically type the mouse over a word or letter. According to you, you can do more or less time here. After doing the entire process, click OK. Keep in mind that the mouse click button is fine when changing settings.