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If you use Gmail, then you will also receive lots of extra Emails. Now you will want to know how you can delete this mail. If you have already received many types of free email then you can delete them in a very short time. First of all, how can you manage the incoming useless email, as well as the incoming email ID and mail it to yourself and then automatically delete it after a few days. 

For this, first you have to login to a Gmail account. After this, click on the arrow icon near the top of the search option.


There will be a form open here. In this you need to enter the mail id of the person whose mails you want to delete. 

Then click on the Create Filter with this search on the bottom side. 

After this, tick to delete (delete it) here. 

Then click on Create filter. By doing this, the mail coming from that particular email ID will automatically move to the Trash folder. 

You will not receive a notification for these emails and they will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

You can also create labels in Gmail for your specific email. For this you first have to login to your Gmail. Now come to the options in the left side of Gmail. Here's the option of the Manage Labels, when you see the bottom-most of the options in Categories. The option of Create New Label will be right below this. By clicking on it you can create a new label. This is a type of folder in the zilla. In this you can keep a match according to your convenience and needs.