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Even though the smartphone has become the means of need in today's time. But still many people do not have to properly operate the phone. In addition, users also have difficulty in changing fonts and changing their size. This is a complaint that ou often hear from older people in your homes.

Today we are going to tell the users on the same complaint that how to change the font size of your mobile:

First go to your mobile menu.

Here you will see the Settings option, click on it. Here you will see lots of options, one of these will also show you the Display option.

Go to Display and click on You will also see many options in the display, this is where you will see a Font Size, then click directly on Font Size.

Clicking on Font Size will show you four options. These four options are Small, Normal, Large, Extra Large.

The default font size of the phone would be normal, but if you think that the font looks big enough to see, then click on Small, after which the letters appearing in your mobile will look small.

If you are giving a smartphone to a large member of your house then the Large font can prove to be a good option. This will make the letters of the phone look bigger and you can read any word easily without seeing it. At the same time, the Extra Large option is used by very few users because of this, the characters of the phone look quite large, which we do not get used to. So you go to your smartphone and check this option and set the font according to your convenience.