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Almost everyone uses Adobe Reader in the computer. But do you know how to convert Adobe's PDF file to text? There are several ways and software available online for this. There are also ad in many softwares that try to steal their personal information by offering different offers to users. At the same time, these software also ask for money to convert the file.

In this news we are going to tell you about a secure software which can easily convert files to free. The name of this software is Tabula. This is a free software. It can be easily downloaded and installed. It can be used on Windows and Mac.

Learn how Tabula works?

To download it, visit its website. Now click on Windows or Mac which is also downloadable. Now there will be an option to save it. Save it from here.

Now where it is saved, right click on the file. Then tap on Extract. This will save your file.

After that open the folder and install the app that is given here in the PC. This software will be opened in your browser's new tab.

Here you can upload more than one PDF file. Here you have the option of browsing. Tap on it.

Select any file you want to convert now. Then tap on Import. Here you will find the option of waiting for the process.

After the process is completed, a new window will open before you. Your PDF file will be provided here. Select the data text you want to convert from here and click on Preview and export extracted data above.

Now another window will open where you have been given the text. You can save it anywhere.