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A trick attached to a smartphone is such that the user can set several ringtones at the same time. This means that whenever the call comes, the new ringtone will ring every time on the phone. For this trick, the user must install the RandTune app from the Play Store. This is a free app for which the user's smartphone should have only 14MB of space.

# Will ring without any Root

- In the phone, the user can set different ringtones on different contacts.
- However, for that, he  need to root the device.
- that is, the ringtone has to be set on contact with its save location.
In such a situation, if the ringtone service location is changed, they will not be able to contact.

# About the RandTune app

- The full name of this app is RandTune: Ringtone Randomizer.
- This app is designed by EzGood developer.
- The app can be installed in the Android v4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich and above versions.

# RandTune App Features

- The user can set several ringtones per party or any event every day.
- The option to create playlist on the app, the user can change the ringtone in seconds.
- Users can also give new ringtones to SMS and alarms with calls.