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People nowadays use social media to stay connected to the world. For this, people use other devices than mobile.

In such a case, it is difficult to find out which devices we have logged in and on which devices we have forgotten to log out. We are going to tell you a trick, so you can find out which devices you have not logged out from the Facebook account.

Smartphone users do such address-

-First of all open the Facebook app in your smartphone. Tap the three lines that are visible in the top. In this you will get the option of app settings.

- Choose the option of account setting in it.

-After that go to 'Security and Log In' option.

-Here you will find the option of 'Where you're logged in'. In this you will see the details of the devices where you have recently logged in. Click on the 'See more' option to see all the devices.

-Only after selecting this option will you list all the devices.

-Under this, you will have the option of logging out all those where you have logged in.

Laptop users do such address-

This process is almost identical in laptops too. Click the icon of the drop down icon on the screen.

- Go to Settings option in

-Settings will have the option of security and log-in as the phone itself.

-Here you will get a section of 'Where you're logged in'.

-In the 'See More' option, click on

-You will also have the option to log out of all the devices here as well.

With this trick you can find out where you have logged in your Facebook account and you can logout it in terms of security.