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Many times our phones do not get the network and if you are on top of a mountainous terrain or mountain top then the network will get very difficult in the phone. In such cases, we also get help from satellite phones, but today we tell you a way out, after knowing which Mount Everest will also get a network in your smartphone.

Make Satellite Phone

So if you want, the next time you go to the Himalayan peaks, talk to the phone easily, then Thuraya SatSleeve has come in the market for you. Actually this is a mobile cover which is like a satellite. With this help you can easily do messaging, e-mail checks and internet browsing.

This mobile cover comes in three variants
For iPhone: This adapter supports iPhone 5 / 5s, iPhone 4 / 4s and iPhone 6 / 6S.
For Android: This adapter is currently available for Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and S5.
SatSleeve +: This is a universal adapter that will support all the iPhone and Android devices.

Satsleeve also has rechargeable batteries. You do not have to worry about the battery, because with it you will also get a solar charger. The cost of this special cover is $ 499, although its price can disappoint the users.