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Root Your Android without Computer

You will often hear the name of the phone root in an Android smartphone. But do you know that what is the root? What are its advantages and disadvantages? We have forwarded the answers to these same questions. Along with this, there is also a way to root the phone.

What is the phone root?

The phone root is also called jailbreaking in ordinary language. Through this, you can make many changes to your phone. Root gives you the right to make changes to the phone's operating system. That means you can change from the phone's lock system to the menu and the user interface within. It installs a new Android operating system (Customized Android Operating System) in place of existing Android operating system.

What are the advantages

If there is a lot of information about the Android operating system then after the root you can make changes to your phone's user interface. Not only this, many can use apps that were not previously used in your phone. There are also special apps available for rooted phones which can not be used on ordinary Android phones. You will have more control over the phone's app after the root. If you wish, you can completely stop advertisements. You can uninstall the applications that were already available from the phone and you could not uninstall before you even wanted. This makes the phone's internal memory empty.

What is the loss

The biggest disadvantage to root is that it eliminates the guarantee of your phone and warranty. Not only this, if you do not follow all the rules correctly during the root, your phone becomes completely useless. Risked phone also increases the risk of security. The risk of getting viruses in the phone or the risk of stealing your personal information is slightly increased. This is why Google does not offer wallet service in rooted phones.

How To Root The Phone

Mobile root can be done without the help of any computer. For this, you have to install the kingroot app . This app is the most popular for mobile root.

If you have not installed the app from the internet before, you will have to do some setting in the mobile to install it. Click on security in the mobile setting and then right click on unknown sources. After this setting You can easily install the kingroot app.

After installing this app, it is to open it as shown in the image below to click on Get Now to root the mobile.

Root Your Android without Computer

When clicking on Get started, the mobile root will be started but it will stop at 97%. Here you have to click on Continue, which starts downloading the app's purify system.

Root Your Android without Computer

After the download is complete, a few second later your mobile will be rooted and will look like the image below.

Root Your Android without Computer