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Almost all people keep many types of data in their smartphone. It can contain many other files with photos, videos. There are also many such secret files that you do not want to share with anyone. The phone may also have apps linked to your bank. Those who can be opened and even misused can be used. In such a case, to keep the phone completely safe, you use a setting that is within the phone. Can not use the phone incorrectly when you turn it on

Safe on #Social Platform

In almost all user phones, social apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, are also used. They do not have any kind of protection. In such a situation, when the phone comes in someone's hands, they can use them wrongly. Plus, you can also read your friends and messages. That is, your privacy might be in danger, but by turning on a phone setting you will completely clean up. That means no one will be able to do anything after taking your phone.

# No apps to install

You do not need to install any third party app in the phone for this setting. You can turn it on by going to the phone's settings. It has a great advantage that all the apps installed in the phone are hid from it. Also, the phone's photos, videos and even the contact do not even appear. That is, the phone software becomes completely new.

How to do the Settings

First, go to Settings on your smartphone. There is an option of users in the device, tab on it. You will now have a user window in front of you. In which your name is Guest. Also, there is an option of Add user here.

Now tab on Add user Doing this will send a message to the new user, OK. Now the user's settings will appear. Tab SET UP NOW here. Then follow the message.

Now a new user will be added to the list of users. Your phone settings for this user will be completely new. This means that no data from the phone will be visible. Only Android's default apps will be displayed.