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How to save your mobile data using Google Datally App

Google has launched a new app due to the reduction of data consumption, we will learn this app by name Datally. This app is specially designed for Android smartphones users who are troubled by the excessive consumption of mobile data, if we talk about it, then all people suffer from this problem, all data is lost very quickly. This app turns off background data consumption altogether. And starts to do his job. Also let us know that you can download this app from the Google Play store worldwide.

How to save your mobile data using Google Datally App

Google did this app that Datally tested in the Philippines this summer. Also tell you that Google has said that this app was tested with nearly 5 million users and about 30 percent of these users were saved with the help of this app. And after this test, now this app is available for download worldwide, although it can be downloaded only to those smartphones that work on the version of Android 5.0 Lollipop or above.

Save your mobile data with the help of DATALLY

It is very easy to save data with the help of the Datally App offered from Google. This app is primarily a mobile data manager, which helps you monitor your data, and helps you save your mobile data. As you may be able to see that you can help with tracking and controlling it.

Data saver

As soon as you put this app in your phone, you find it very easy to work on, because there are no more options, you only get two to three options in it. Just like how you can track your mobile data, you can do this in day, week and monthly format. In the app you get a data saver button at the top, through which you can stop all background data consumption. Apart from this you can also monitor the real time consumption of your data through it. In addition, you can also block the app that you think is consuming more data. And you are not using it too much.

How to save your mobile data using Google Datally App

Data consumption metrics

Apart from this, you should tell you that as I said above you can also track your data, it lets you know which app you use the most, and which apps you have by time. To use. Apart from this, or say that along with it you can also know about the amount of data that is being spent on which app. Apart from this, you can also know about consumption history, trends etc. through this app.

Wi-Fi Finder

If your data is ending, and you do not even have the time to put data in your mobile, then there is a solution in this app too. With this help of this app, you will be able to see the surrounding public Wi-Fi Can know. Along with this, you will also be informed about how far it is from you, whether it is a password, or it can be used with no password. You can also learn about how other Datally users rated it. You can also rate the WiFi you are connected to.

In addition to these features we are talking about, Google has also said that he is going to add some new features along with it in the coming time. However, these new features are also available for some testing in certain markets. This feature can be of data balance checking, which has not been seen in this app yet, apart from this, many other new features can be added. You can download this app from Google Playstore.