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Whatever your budget during the phone purchase, the effort is only to choose the best phone available in the market. For this, you closely monitor the specifications and features of the phone. Depending on the budget, seeing the display, memory, RAM and powerful processors, you buy the phone. Everything is fine for a few days but in a short time your phone slows down and problems of hang are also occurring. In this way, you start bashing the phone's hardware. But you do not know that this problem may also be due to software.

As soon as the phone slows down, you start deleting the available data in your phone and shut down the empty cache memory and internal memory. But this does not help too much. The performance remains the same. So, when your phone is slow, before you delete the data, you try to find apps that are slowing down your phone and let's tell you that this method is very easy. Next we have explained how to look at the phone's memory management and CPU management. The specific thing can be said that you do not need to download any software separately, but you can see it by changing the settings of the phone itself.

See CPU Usage

If your phone has a lot of CPU usage then obviously the phone will slow down. You do not have to use CPU usage as you can see from simple settings. Firstly to encrypt CPU Usage Functionality

1. Go to Settings and scroll down just below.

2. Click here that the phone will get the option of the About phone.

3. After going into the phone section, scroll down a little bit, then the build number will appear, 5-7 times click on it will be the message of developers' option to come.

4. Now you come back into the settings again. The developers' option will appear here and open it.

5. There are many tingers in it, if you scroll down, then the show CPU Usage will be displayed.

Along with this, you will get CPU usage related information on the phone. In it, three colors, including green, red and blue, will be used in the above mentioned different functionalities of the phone. This information is useful only if you understand the CPU architecture. Despite this the CPU usage of its phone can be seen. After enabling this feature, the screen will display the usage of every second of the CPU.

RAM Uses

This segment is very beneficial for you and you can learn a lot and slow down the phone. Along with this, you can fix the problem of hanging.

First to see RAM Usage

1. Go to the phone's settings and click the memory option.

2. From here you can find out how much RAM has been used in the last few hours.

3. Here you will see the memory usage by app's app click here.

4. Once open, the full list of all the applications used in the phone will be revealed, as well as the information about which applications are taking up the memory. Uninstall applications which are using more RAM. These apps slow down the phone.

It is worth mentioning that this feature of RAM optimization is available in the Android operating system 6.0 Marshmallow or above.

With this tricks, you can find out which app is using the most RAM memory and it is slowing down your phone. You can optimize the RAM from here. Apart from this, it can be seen in the last 3-4 hours which application has used the maximum RAM memory. If the use of RAM is increasing, then it will affect the performance effect of the phone.

Learn how to See memory usage

You can also see your phone's internal memory usage and optimize it. For this

1. You have to go to the settings of the phone and choose storage and memory from there.

2. Here are two options you have to see the storage.

3. If you use a memory card, then two options will be found on the internal and memory card. You can alternatively check both of the memory.

In storage you will have cache memory, apps, images, videos, audio and more. You can click on the app to see which amount of phone the phone is taking. There is an app that you do not use and it is taking more than it is better to remove it.