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In fact, in this trick, your phone's internal memory and SD card memory will be the same. If your phone has 4GB memory and 32GB memory card in the phone then after this trick, the total memory of the phone will be 32GB and all the things in the phone will be saved in it. This will get you to use more memory. You will not have to move the media files to the SD card when the phone's memory is full.

Step 1
First tap Settings in the phone and tap on Storage.

Tap on the storage tab and select the portable storage option to tap on Storage. Actually the SD card that you put in the phone.

Step 3
After the tap on it, the new page will open, tap the three dot appearing on the top. Now the Settings option will appear. Tap on it.

After going to Step 4 Settings, tap on Format as internal. Now tap Erase & Format and follow the next process. Before you do this, save your data and save it. So that there would be no chance of getting deleted.

Step 5
Process will take some time to complete. The storage of internal storage SD card will now be taken. Any apps and games you install will be saved in the internal storage.