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There is a lot to be learned about a lot of information about what you are using. Parts of the car and its use if you are driving a car. If you are using mobile then the parts of mobile and its usage. I am not saying that you open your own mobile and fix it, but referring to this thing here is a problem that if you have a little trouble, then deal with it yourself, not for every thing, the service center Be confident The information I am going forward to is also very important.

Today most people in mobile are disturbed by battery. But there is a section that you can cure yourself to a large extent. Your phone is new or old when you charge it for 40-50 consecutive times, you may feel that there is a problem somewhere in its performance. The kind of battery that was backed up was not the same. But let me tell you that you can deal with this problem in jokes. Just once you have to bream the battery. After this, it will get the same performance again.

What is battery calibration

Know What Is Mobile Battery Calibration And Why It Is Important

As you know, when you use any rechargeable battery, it has many types of variants. Sometimes he works very well, sometimes heats up and never gets charged fast. There are different kinds of problems with each battery. But one thing is applicable to all that it is that on the first day as soon as you start using it, it starts losing its capacity. The more they use it becomes weaker. This rate of losing power depends on the type of battery but it is definitely worth losing. When the battery becomes weak, then when it is charging, it shows only 100 percent of the time, and sometimes the battery is lost in a short time. It does not tell the actual situation.

In such a way, battery calibration is in such a way that you can find the battery performance as new as before. Or say this is the way Android is refreshing the battery in smartphones so that it can get its old performance. After calibration, you will get correct information about charging.

How To Calibrate Your Phone's Battery
To calibrate an Android smartphone's battery, you do not need any software separately and do not have to open it. First of all for

Know What Is Mobile Battery Calibration And Why It Is Important
1. You have to allow your phone to be fully respected. It is not a self-apologetic use, but to use battery when it is closed by 0 percent.

2. After this, it has to be renewed again. After discharge, there is still some power reserves, so again, bring it back and keep yourself awake.

Know What Is Mobile Battery Calibration And Why It Is Important

3. Now you have to charge the phone battery up to 100% and remember during this time that the charger should not be removed.

4. Once the phone is completely charged, enun it and recharge it again.

5. When it show 100 percent, you have to do on after off and then charge it again. The process of restart has to be done two to three times. This is the calibration. Now you can use your phone.

When to do battery calibration

Keep in mind that if the lithium-ion battery is disrupted repeatedly, then it also affects the performance. It should not be disrupted again and again. Better calibration if you do 40-50 days