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Never do these 10 mistakes in Android phones

When you have a new phone in your hands, you want to save it in every way. Carefully care for them and they are often seen clean. But when we take care, we often make such a mistake, which often leads to a huge loss. However, these mistakes can be seen more when you are feeling very anxious about your phone. Or say that the phone starts getting old and we become careless with it. We have mentioned the same 10 mistakes that you often make.

1. Using Free WiFi

When the smartphone is in the hands, you are often connected to the Internet. In such a situation, free WiFi is seen from somewhere and then immediately some downloads are downloaded. But let me tell you that doing so makes you a big mistake. Because often a lot of viruses are sent to your phone in the name of free WiFi, so that the data of your phone may be stolen or the whole of the smartphone can be hacked. So always avoid using free WiFi.

2. Fake Accessories

Mobile accessories are soon worsened due to mobile. In such a situation, people often pick up cheap and counterfeit goods to save money. But let me tell you that this is not only a mistake but it can also be called dangerous. Because these accessories do not have any scale and you are also at risk of harming the phone.

3. Ignore updates

Your smartphone often gets updates but you ignore them. But do not know that this is your fault. This has an effect on phone's performance, battery and network. In the update, many new features, security and battery-related bugs are corrected in the phone so that your phone will always give out performance. In this case, if you want better use of your Android phone then it is essential that you always update the software.

4. Download from Unknown Source

Android phones have many apps for app downloads. In addition to the Play Store, you install an app by downloading an APK from Bluetooth, from the computer to the APK or from another phone. But you do not know that it makes trouble for you. In this way, downloading an application from an unknown source puts a lot of risk for viruses. Your phone may get spoiled or data may be stolen from it. Always download an Android phone from the Play Store.

5. Battery Saver App

Many battery saver apps are available on the Play Store today. These claim to save battery and improve performance, which many people download. But let me tell you that these are all nonsense. They do not need them in the phone. These apps will do the job of slapping the phone. Battery saver and battery manager are already available in Android phones. So there is no need for them.

6. Sharing Private Data

Often we share our banking information, including credit card and debit card, via mail or chat. But let me tell you that this is a mistake. Doing so can cause considerable harm. All your activities on the internet are tracked. If you do not share your personal information in such a way then it is better.

7. Without Apprehension App Permission

Today when you install an app, you are asked for permission for all personal information and you feel free to do so but by doing so you make a big mistake. Apps can track photos, videos, mail, messages, cameras, locations, and even your voice, available in your phone. So, check all permissions well at any app install.

8. Not lock the phone

Data security is the most important issue today. But many people do not lock the phone thinking that what will happen with it, but you do not know that today the data is everything. If you go into the wrong hands, then it can cause harm to you financially and mentally. So always keep the phone locked. If the phone is not locked and you have been stolen or lost then you can be harmed. If locked, you can delete phone data from a distance.

9. Find Screen Guard

Today, smartphone protection is given in the smartphone but in a few days the screen starts to scratch. In such a situation, keep the Temper glass or the protection on your phone screen.

10. Do not have backup

Smartphones are used but smart ones do not work. Do not back up data. Today's WhatsApp, Photos and Videos can be backed up but we do not. This is a big mistake. We could not use them when needed. Therefore it is important to backup all the data to your card or cloud.