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Now your Whatsapp is going to be fun soon. You are going to get a new experience of chatting on Whatsapp. Actually WhatsApp is working on new features these days, which will soon be updated for users. Some of these features have come on beta versions. Their testing is going on. Let us know what features are giving you a new gift of WhatsApp.


➪ Switching from audio to video call: The beta version of Whatsapp is running on this feature's test. Soon it will be an update for users worldwide. Through this feature, you will be able to go in video call without call-cut audio.

➪ Now you will soon be able to make a group call with Whatsapp.

➪ Now you will be able to share your Instagram stories on Whatsapp. Facebook has updated this feature for its users.

➪ Soon, users will be able to send Like's striker like Facebool on WhatsApp. At the moment it is connected to the beta version.

➪ In the Whatsapp group, the admin will soon be able to decide which members will be able to send the message and who are not?