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There are fewer devices in the famous OnePlus Portfolios, known as the Flagship Killer, but all the phones that the company has launched have proved to be very powerful. Last year, the company had released OnePlus 5 which became extremely popular. Later, the company also introduced its updated version OnePlus5T and it became quite popular. Although these fonts have not been much time yet, the discussion of one plus one device is very strong. The news is that the company is working on OnePlus 6 and this phone is also going to be launched in a few months.

OnePlus 6 Revealed

Giving information to the leading website Slashgear, OnePlus Chief Executive Pete Luo told that although the official name of OnePlus 6 has not been confirmed yet, this phone will be launched in the second quarter of this year. It is clear from this that the phone may be launched in May or June. From this time around only 12 months ago, OnePlus 5 was launched.

Luo also gave information about the processor. He said that this device will be offered on Qualcomm's newest chipset. It is evident from the fact that in OnePlus 6 you will find Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. While the previous phone is based on OnePlus5 and Oneplus 5T Snapdragon 835 chipset.

About the OnePlus 6, so far there have been some leaks where the specifications of the phone revealed the cow. In this phone you can get 5.7-inch screen view. With OnePlus 5T, the company started the Bezel Lace Display with 18: 9 ratio and you will get the same look in the new phone.