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Technology is changing rapidly and the demand for a different device is increasing among the people. Looking at this, the scientists are doing flaxibles and stretchable power source events. Now the battery is added in this sequence. Recently some research has surfaced, in which the battery is introduced as a cloth, which can easily be worn on a human body.

These batteries, which look like cloth, are completely safe and do not harm the human body. The South Korean scientist has introduced a similarly worn lithium-ion battery, which will make the next generation's different device more hi-tech.

Researchers have used carbon / polymer (HCP) to produce this battery. Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) scientist resolved this problem by using conductive polymer composites to create flexible electrodes.

Kwanyong Seo, UNIST professor and scientist, said that our findings will expand the number of different types of wearable devices, because flexible electronic devices around the world are attracting people because they have flexibility.

Stretch electronic devices are constantly growing. As the demand for a variety of smart smart gadgets is increasing among users, such a battery is very useful for these devices. It was also stated in the report that several methods were suggested from around the world, but none of these could be able to develop highly flexible electrodes. UNIST's research team has claimed that they have solved this problem largely by using conductive polymer composites to make flexible electrodes.