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Have you heard of a company where employees' salaries are more than boss? If not, then we are telling you about a similar company. The company we are talking about is a technology sector giant.

The name of this company is Apple. The same Apple that makes iPhones and iPads. Apple CEO Tim Cook gets a salary of around $13,226,640. This is their salary package of 2017. At the same time, some Apple employees get twice the salary.

She Earns More than Her Boss

Angela Jean Ahrendts, senior vice president of retail and online stores salary is  more than the company's CEO Tim Cook. Angela is Apple's best paid employee. In 2017 Angela's salary package was $ 2.42 million.

She Earns More than Her Boss

Angela's salary is double than Tim Cook. However, Tim Cook did not include the stock award he received in 2011. Angela handles the work of Strategy, Real Estate, Development and Operations of Apple's physical stores, online stores and contact centers.

Angela is getting more salary than Cook since 2014. Angela was associated with Apple in 2014. Prior to this, she was the director and CEO of the luxury fashion brand Burberry.

She Earns More than Her Boss

Apart from Angela, Finance Chief Luca Maestri, Hardware President Johnny Srauji, Dan Reiki and General Counsel Bruce Sewell get higher salary than Apple Chief. Luca gets an annual package of about $ 24,616,800, Johnny Srauji and Dan Ricio, $2,458,623.

In addition to salary packages, Apple has given its CEO Tim Cook permission to use private jets for personal and business trips, keeping in mind the security.