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The Best Tech Inventions of 2017

Now 2017 has gone to end and we have entered in the new year 2018. Many of you will be taking new resolutions for the new year, so many people will be lost in this year's flashback. There have been many changes in the country and the world in 2017 and many such technologies were also brought out which the world greeted. For example, the ever-charged wireless keyboard, the home-courtyard and the table touch-screen projector, the smartphone printed on T-shirts and the never-ending phone So let's know each one about them.

Launched 14TB storage hard drive but you can not buy

The Best Tech Inventions of 2017

Western Digital Ultrastar Hs14:

Western Digital launched the Ultrastar Hs14, the world's largest storage hard drive. According to the company's claim, Ultrastar Hs14 is the world's first hard drive with a storage capacity of 14 TB. Its data transfer speed is 223MiB / s, which is approximately 233 MB / s. According to the company's claim, MTBF (mean time between failures) of this drive is 2.5 million hours. That is, you can record it for many years and it will not fail. However, the company can not buy it because it is currently only for Western Digital clients. The company has not disclosed its value too.

A Device Which Translate 80 Language in Real Time
The Best Tech Inventions of 2017

This device can be used to translate the language of 80 countries into real time.As you have gone to another country and the person in front is talking to you in your own language, but you can not understand his point, then this device It can be translated by translating it into your language. That too in real time and without an internet connection.This special device has been created by a company named Baidu of China. However, The company has not given any name for its availability and price. It is the news that the company is also going to provide Wi-Fi hotspot facility in this device. Is like.

This is the world's first wireless charger, the phone will be charged from 1 foot distance

The Best Tech Inventions of 2017

There is a wireless charger that will allow the phone to be charged from a distance of 1 ft. Indeed, American Startup Pie in the MIT alumni has introduced the world's first wireless charger, which can charge the phone via magnetic waves. Explain that this charger is equipped with Apple's wireless charger and Samsung's wireless charger technology, but has been given Extra Magnetic Technology. With the help of this charger, the device in the 1 foot radius will be able to be charged. At present, this charger has not been made available in the market.

Got a smart toothbrush, clean the tooth just in 3 seconds

The Best Tech Inventions of 2017

Unico Smartbrush:

Unico smart brush can be your choice, because this smart brush can clean teeth properly in just 3 seconds. It is similar to the athlete's mouth guard in watching the brush. In the power unit of this special brush, you have to put a toothpaste in a little bit and then the circular motion will be turned on the washing processor. Now you have to wait for 3 seconds and then you will have to rotate the brush. After this your teeth will be pale.

This company made a headphone like a bracelet

The Best Tech Inventions of 2017

luzli roller:

Wire and wireless headphones have been using so far, but the company named Luzli has launched headphone headband like a bracelet. This headphone can be folded like a clock and easily placed in packets or bags. The name of this phone is Roller MK01. According to Luzli, the headphone maker, Roller MK01 has been designed with the help of 22 different stainless steel springs so that it can be folded like a bracelet. Earpads, cleaning cloth and a 3.5mm cable accessories are also provided with this headphone. The price of this special headphone in Switzerland is $ 3,000. It is also getting a Swiss watch.

This phone can print on T-shirt

The Best Tech Inventions of 2017

Zen Admire Sense:

The name of this smartphone of Indian smartphone maker Jane is Jane Aadmaire Sense. This phone has 5-inch FWVGA display, 1 GB RAM, 8GB storage, Android Marshmallow, 1.3GHz quad-core processor, 5 megapixel autofocus rear camera, 5 megapixel front camera and 2300mAh battery. Talking about the camera's specialty of this phone, there is a feature called Vistoso in the rear camera, which allows you to print any T-shirt and mugs you want. Apart from this, Fashin has been featured in this phone, which will help in the purchase of online clothes. 

This is the world's smallest drone, weighing only 17 grams

The Best Tech Inventions of 2017

World's smallest drone:

The world's smallest drone in 2017, this drone weights only 17 grams. This drone name is SKEYE Nano 2 FPV. The most special thing about this drone is that you can link it to your smartphone and do real time streaming. With the help of this drone, you can get spectacular Ariel shots. Apart from this, this drone has 6 axis control and LED light is also provided. This drone is capable of shooting full HD video. There is also Wi-Fi support in it. SKEYE Nano 2 FPV is priced at $ 64 or about 42,000. You can buy it but you have to pay in dollars.

Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard

The Best Tech Inventions of 2017

The biggest problem in wireless keyboard is its charging. Many keyboards change the battery in a week, so many people have to charge after 1 month, but now this problem has been solved. Now there is a wireless keyboard in the market which never needs to be charged. The name of this special keyboard is the Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard. This keyboard has a solar panel with the help of which it gets charged with the light present around you.