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This step taken by Facebook to stop posting requests, comments and shares

The Social Media website is no longer the only way to connect with each other. Through Facebook, people are now starting their business. In such a situation, there is a lot of posts on Facebook, in which users are asked to like, comment or share. Facebook has now prepared to stop such posts. Facebook has given this information in a blog post.

What has been said in the blog post

A blog post posted by Facebook states that "There are many posts to ask for like, comment or share, who take advantage of our algorithm. In this way these news feeds also come up in the feed.

Operation Integrity expert Henry Silverman wrote in Facebook, "We are about to begin the demotion of post-enhancing posts that enhance the recharging of arithmetic arrangement in such a way."

Facebook will use the learning model to implement demotion. Using this model, such posts appearing in news feeds will be automatically demoted. Facebook will be able to prevent spam content coming to its platform like this.