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Artificial Intelligence will be used to estimate death, it may sound strange to hear. But the researchers are trying to give a permanent shape to a technology which can alert the doctor about the risk of death in the near future. With this, the doctors can approach the patients and their relatives to consider the right way to end life.

These efforts have been made by a team of Stanford University. Researchers used a machine learning technique named Deep Learning. Which uses Neural Network to filter and learns with a lot of data.

Machine works like this!

After preparing this model, the team of researchers picked up the data of the 20 million electronic health records admitted in the hospital and feed the Deep Learning Algorithm in the data. After this AI predicted which patient can embrace death from 3 to 12 months.

A team member and Ph.D. candidate at the AI ​​Lab of Stanford University assured that, "We can create a predictive model by using regularly collected operational data to replace healthcare, instead of a carefully designed experimental study Are there.

These models can be a good source of information about which patient needs good care before the end of life. Also, what kind of treatment is needed to keep the patient alive.