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In the beginning, when the phone with buttons came, they used to run for years. Still some old Nokia phones will get you to see. But after the smartphone arrives, no one uses his phone for so long Change the phone in six months and a year. Although some amateur do so, some people change the phone because there is a problem in the phone. If the smartphone is a little old then the trouble starts. If the screen of a phone gets damaged then someone can see the hang problem.

Tips to Use Long Lasting Your Phone

Likewise, if someone complains of a battery, then there is a network problem. But let me tell you that we are responsible for the extent to which such problems occur in the phone. If used a little bit, you can use your smartphone for a long time. If you use the phone with care, the phone will look good for a long time, but the performance will also be intact. Next we have explained some such methods.

1. Phone Body Key Safety

Today, when a smartphone launches, companies rely on various types of security such as screen protection strong body and screen but can not say anything how beneficial it is. Because the phones are still broken and scratch is still on the screen. So do the security of the phone.

Tampard Glass: If you want to use the phone for a long time then firstly protect its screen. Today the screen of the phone is bigger and on the front panel there is only a small space left after the screen. In such a way, the phone is released by hand, the first screen is broken. So it would be better if you use the tampered glass in the phone. Today, tipped glasses of new fiber have come here, which are more robust and keep screen more secure. So it is better to use them.

Phone cover: Body protection is also important with the screen. This will not only make your phone look like new but will get more security. Even when falling on the body side, the phone screen often gets broken or there is a second loss of some kind. However, note here that the cover does not belong to Mattel. If the company gets cell-sale then it is even better. It does not cover the antenna and the call quality of the phone is made.

2. Keep the battery in focus
After the security of the display and body comes the talk about the most important thing in the smartphone's power. Because if the power backup is correct then only the phone will work correctly. Therefore it is important to take care of the phone's battery.

Avoid completely discharge: Lithium Ayan Battery, if fully discharged, reduces its performance. So try that the battery is not fully discharged. If possible, put it on the charge before the battery is below 20%. This makes battery performance.

Avoid counterfeit chargers: If you want to use the phone for a long time, you should always take care of battery protection. So avoid connecting the fake charger in the phone. Because there is a scale set with the charger set with the sale pack, whereas there is no scale of cheap fake charger and it can ruin your phone completely. Not only do not charge your phone anywhere on the charge Try to use your charger only. Without a service center, you can also fix camera problems in Android phones, learn easy solutions

3. Keep the focus of storage
The problem of hang and slow down in the smartphone comes when the phone starts filling memory. Therefore, during phone use it is important that you take care of memory.

Take a look at Cloud Storage: There are several files in your phone that you do not use quickly and do not even want to delete them. But keep in mind that these files work to fill the phone memory. In such cases, those files you use to store on the cloud. You can use Google Drive and Drop Box for this. When the need arose. Claude files you can access from the computer or any other phone.

Delete the unwanted file Delete: Blur photos and useless usages of filling video memory in the phone. So by taking a little time, if you delete those files then it is much better. The phone's memory will be empty and you will be able to use it for a long time.

4. Remove the application

When you take a call, many apps are without work. At times, you download any such application which is not useful after one time. It's much better if you remove these unwanted apps. If uninstalling, then disconnect them. It will not be able to use this memory nor will you tighten through updates and notifications.

5. Do not update more than two OS
There is no doubt that many features are added to the phone with OS updates and become more secure than before, but keep in mind that more OS updates also slow down the phone. Try not to make more than two updates on the new OS version.

6. Do not Drag Unknown Sources

People often download apps from Bluetooth, Share, and PCs in smartphones. But you do not know that doing so damages your phone life. Bluetooth or APK transfer is a threat to the virus coming in the phone, which can completely erode your phone. At the same time the risk of data theft is also very high. Simultaneously, avoiding app downloading from third-party app stores.

7. Take care of the temperature

You may be surprised to know that there may be a problem with the phone's battery even during high temperatures and extremely low temperatures. At the same time, performance can also have an impact. So try not to keep the phone in a place where there is too much sunlight or too much cold.

8. Sometimes call the phone

We have given above information that your smartphone should never be discharged. But if you do manually in the week or twice a month manually then it will be good. After applying the phone after a few seconds, the unwanted cache files are deleted and the phone works like new.