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There was a time when the storage of smartphones was up to 4 or 8 GB, but now there are several smartphones in the market whose internal storage is up to 256 GB. But what is so much storage? The answer is no. In this period of HD quality, the size of the photos and videos is so large that no matter how much storage is available. To make a backup, we have to transfer our files to PCs. We will tell you about three ways that you will be able to easily transfer your data to PC.

Top 3 Ways to Transfer Your Files from Mobile to Desktop

1. Wireless transfers - Wireless process does not require any cable. For this, many apps are available on the Google Play Store, such as Share It, Gender.

You need to download the app by visiting Google Play

After that click on the app and open it

If you use the Gender app, go to 'Connect to PC' option and click

Open the Web Gender by going to the PC browser

Scan the QR code that appears on the web

After this upload the file from the mobile and then download it to your desktop

2. Cable transfer- The simplest and the oldest way to transfer files to the system via USB is the way. Neither do you need any Wi-Fi nor any wireless network.

Connect the phone and the PC to the USB cable

Go to Developer Options

Enable USB debugging

Keep in mind that USB configuration is set to MTP

Now click on My Computer / This PC on your desktop.

Here you will find an option of 'connect your phone', you can paste your files directly by going there.

3. Uploading - With this option you can upload your files directly to Cloud Servers. You can then download later on any system. There are several servers including Google Drive, with the help of which you can transfer files. For example, if you use Google Drive,

Go to the Google Drive app in your Android phone

Click upload

Can upload your photos, videos or any document

Now log in to Google Drive on your PC and download your file anywhere. I have