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Last week, tech company Vivo launched Smartphone X 20 Plus, the world's first under-screen fingerprint sensor on the international platform. This phone of Vivo was a brand new technology for the tech world. But it seems Vivo is not going to stop at the same time. Immediately after this phone, information about another Vivo smartphone is also available. This new phone is being shown as the Xplay 7 which will not only be equipped with X20 and underfinger fingerprints sensors, but this phone will also have 10 GB RAM and 512 GB of memory.

Android Headlines has reported on Vivo Xplay 7 in its report. This phone is being equipped with extremely strong specifications. According to the report it will be a Bezel Lace Phone which will be offered on 92.9 screen-to-body ratio. This phone will be offered on Mattel Unibody Design. It can be screened with a resolution of 4 and an invisible fingerprint similar to the X20 plus can be given at the bottom of this screen.

It is reported in the report that Vivo will present this phone at 10 GB RAM memory. Two storage variants of this phone can be found, in which 512 GB of internal storage can be given 256 GB memory. Along with the latest Android version, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset can be seen in it.

Dual-rear camera can be given with the placement of the iPhone 10 in Vivo Xplay7. The rear camera setup has been described as a Sony IMS sensor with 4 x optical zoom power, which will be equipped with 2.0 face reduceration technology. When Oppo will give some information about this phone and when this phone will appear on the international platform, nothing can be said about this now. However, Vivo Xplay7 is considered to be a leak.