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Facebook's official instant messaging app WhatsApp keeps adding new updates to give a better experience to users. In this sequence, Whatsapp will soon come with a sticker like Facebook. So far, users could only send emoji to each other in Whatsapp. Recently WhatsApp has submitted its new WhatsApp Beta version to Google Play Store. There are 7 different types of Facebook sticker packs being said in this pack.

How will Facebook sticker

According to WABetaInfo, this beta version of Whatsapp has got 7 types of Facebook Stickers. Some photos of Stickers have also been released by WABetaInfo. According to the reports, Whatsapp can soon announce this update in the Android version.

With this, there is an update in whatsapp. The messages often become viral on whatsapp. There are some spam messages in it, some are personal messages that reach unknown users. Whatsapp is working on eliminating this problem. Under the coming feature of Whatsapp, users will be able to label such messages properly and get rid of spam messages.

What's the use of the feature: 

Under this feature, if you get a message from an unknown number, you will be able to label it as spam. With this you will be able to block and report Sender. Whatsapp has targeted this step to take action against spam messages. Under this feature, special attention will be given to those messages which are being forwarded several times.

If you paid attention, sometimes it happens that the same message is shared several times in the group. This message is not connected to anyone. This means that every time a spammer sends the message, he sends a large group to no one in contact with someone to send data to the Internet or through some medium.

How to stop the new feature: Whatsapp's upcoming feature will identify such forwarded messages and inform the user about it. According to the WABetaInfo report, this feature is currently being tested. It is expected that this feature Android and iOS users will start getting into the next update.

Let us know, currently Whatsapp does not block messages that have been forwarded more than 25 times. But after this feature has come up, more than 25 times, the sender will receive a warning. It will be written in 'Forwarded Many Times', that means that the message has been sent more than 25 times.