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WhatsApp is Going to improve this Feature

Whatsapp has started this year very well. This app has added a great feature which allows users to switch if you want to make a video call during a voice call. Now let's add another new and fun feature to the Whatsapp. This new feature is connected to the voice call, with the help of this, users will now be able to check their recorded voice messages before sending it. This new feature company is currently using its iOS users.

Feature for Android users will come soon

Whatsapp is continuing to add new features and functions to the app. Whatsapp has already given the feature that you hear before sending this latest audio message to iOS users. Now it can be expected that it will be introduced for Android users soon. Earlier this year, WhatSapp gave another new feature on Whatsapp, which was a feature switching voice call to video call. With this help, if the users wish to make a video call in the middle of the voice call, they will not have to disconnect the call. Instead, the voice call will be converted into a video call through a tap.

Users will now avoid mistakes

The thing that comes with a spot-turned feature is the feature that looks great even if it's a new audio call. Now users can avoid mistakes in this way. Suppose you recorded an audio message and something went wrong in it or you recorded the wrong message, you can now hear it before sending it, so you will not make any mistake. While there was no option to listen to the first audio message, only after sending a message to the users that it was revealed that the message was sent.

This will also benefit

Another great feature of this new feature of WhatsApp is through, now if you receive a call in the middle while recording audio, then your message will not be canceled or deleted. Rather save will be and you will be able to send it later.