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Now if you have to keep a lot of data, you can get rid of the compulsion to keep the harddisk. The world's first 512 GB storage capacity MicroSD card has been prepared. Let us tell you that up to now, there was a 400 GB capacity SanDisk and 256 GB Micro SD Card available in the market. The United Kingdom company has come up with two integration from Integral, Samsung and SanDisk and has a 512 GB microSD card with a storage capacity. Obviously, users will be able to take advantage of such large storage capacity for the first time in small sizes. However, let us know that the speed of Micro SD card with 400 GB of storage of SanDisk is 20 MB per second more than the Integral 512 GB SD card. SanDisk's MicroSD card is capable of transferring data at a speed of 100 MB per second, while Integral's 512 GB microSD card will allow you to transfer data at 80 Mb per second.

Integral claims that this card will work brilliantly in Android smartphones and tablets. There are reports that the company can launch this 512 GB MicroSD card officially next month. Only information about the price of the card will be available only.

According to the official website of the company, it made the microSD card from 8 GB to 256 GB capacity. In the same link, the company now includes the 512 GB MicroSDHC / XC CLASS 10 UHS-I U1 card.

Let's tell you that the South Korean company Samsung also announced a few weeks ago that it can launch a 512 GB of storage capacity soon, which will come with its new smartphone. It was also being said that Samsung could bring its upcoming flagship Galaxy S9 variant of 512 GB storage capacity. Well, when the other companies will bring it, but the Integral has brought a 512 GB storage microSD card to the world of technology.