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World's smallest mobile phone

So you have seen many types of mobile phones. Cheap, expensive, and many kinds of features. But have you seen a mobile that can only come on your thumb and can run very smoothly. Let's tell you about this phone.

Actually this is the smallest phone in the mobile world. It is so small that it will settle in your fist.  Find out why it's fantastic for these gadget lover.

This gadget is not less than a miraculous gift for gadget lover. For the first time you will not be able to completely believe that even a small phone can be called, which can easily be hidden in your hand.

World's smallest mobile phone

You can change the SIM of this phone whenever you want. It will work on any network. Its functions are similar to the other phones. With this you can talk. Can chat with your friends.  Let's tell you what's this phone.

The name of this smartphone is Zanco Tiny T1. Its battery is very strong, giving three day stabby time and talk time of 180 minutes. This smartphone looks like a nano SIM like the other smartphone. The price of this mobile phone is about 30 euros.


World's smallest mobile phone

You can save the number of 300 people in the Zanco Tiny T1 smartphone. You can store more than 50 messages in it. This smartphone has 32 MB RAM and 32 MB ROM. Also the micro USB charger is provided.

This is the smallest phone made by the Zanco company. Earlier this big button phone, full feature phone, smartphone, tablet has also been dropped in the market.The company will ship this phone to all the world's countries. This phone will be shipping from May 2018.