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Do you have a passion to listen to songs but the sound in the earphone does not satisfy you. 
Do not worry, we've got your solution to this problem. There are many tools and software available through which you can boost your computer's voice.

We are going to tell you the same 3 ways through which your computer will sound better.

1- Use of Sound Enhancements

>First, right-click the sound icon on the steam tray, then tap Playback devices.

>Double click the default speakers.

>Now tap Enhancements in the above tabs and check on Loudness Equalization.

>If this option is not given in your system, you can download third party Sound Enhancements.

>For this you can go to http://www.fxsound.com and download the tool to increase the sound.

2- Download players like VLC

If you are fond of watching movies then you should download players like VLC. This will increase the sound of your system.

3- Creative / Realtek Software

Apart from this, you can also take help of some software. For this, you have to check which sound card you have. You can download SiSoft Sanda or any diagnostics software.

You can download this software from realtek.com and from creative.com. You can increase the sound of the system after downloading the software.