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The changes coming in the days of smartphones and data plans have revolutionized the technology world. Users can find every information about the world in a few minutes with their smartphones. The trend of doing any work online has increased significantly in the last few months. Net banking, e-shopping and social media have become quite easy. But as there is a lack of every specialty, it is becoming more difficult to keep your data safe. With a small mistake, all your data may be leaked or stolen. In such a way, defense is the best way. We are going to tell you about the ways in which you can save your phone's data from hackers.

Password: Social media or an app, password is the only way to keep your data safe. It is important to know the password of your account. If you want to keep your password safe, then write it like P4$$w0rd. This way it will be more difficult to hack your password. Keep in mind that the longer the password becomes, the more difficult it will be to hack.

Keep the device locked - You can avail such features like Face ID, Touch ID and Passcode to prevent hacking your account and phone.

Test Apps Before Download - Before downloading any app from Google Play, please check that the app is asking for permission to access your phone information. If you do not like any condition of app then do not download it at all. Delete the apps you are not using from your smartphone.

Use Public Wi-Fi Carefully Use - After visiting many places, your phone comes with Wi-Fi notifications. It is important to keep in mind that when using public Wi-Fi, avoid any important logging.

Update- To avoid Hackers, the most important thing is to keep your phone and @app updated. Updates to the app are about security, privacy and features. In such a case, if your app is outdated, it will be easier for Hackers to hack it.

Check settings - Please check the settings of your smartphone, online account and app. If you have any problems then correct it immediately.