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Android is much more effective than other mobile operating systems because in it we can change things according to our preferences. No Android phone can run without the launcher. Each phone already has a default launcher, but if you want to change the features then you will have to install some launcher separately.

Use Of Third Party Launcher

There are many third party launchers who replace your default launcher but the question arises why do we use them? So the answer is that with the help of these third party launchers you can change your home screen in many ways. Many of these launchers are present in the Play Store, among them we are telling you about some of the special launchers in this article.

1- Nova launcher: 

This is one of the best Android launchers. It's a very light and fast launcher. With this help you can change the dock and notifications, as well as the other app according to your choice. With this help you can change the size of the icon and create its shortcuts as well. There is even more features in its premium version which make it more special.

2- Evie Launcher: 

This is one of the fastest launchers. It has a lot of home screen shortcuts that allow you to change app drawer and folder grid according to your own. With the help of its Universal Search feature, you can search anything in your app only.

3- Buzz Launcher: 

This launcher has a feature called Homepack Buzz, which contains more than 700,000 home screens, which are shared by thousands of users. It has an app-locker and RAM cleaner. There is another feature screen effect which is like a live wallpaper. With the help of which you can easily get live wallpaper like snowflow on the screen wallpaper or falling leaves.

4- Apex

There are thousands of themes that you can download from the Play Store. Both smartphones and tablets support this launcher. With the help of this launcher, you can use 9 types of home screens. In its pro version, you get many types of gesture options and also increases the speed of the phone.


The best app is in this launcher. With a swipe in the home screen, you can go to Quick Contacts where you can find your contact. WeWatch is a separate feature that lets you use news feeds. This launcher changes itself according to your liking, so that you always have the best experience.

6- Smart launcher3: 

In this fast launcher, artificial intelligence has been used, which can help you dump apps, contacts and web content. There is a smart turn off feature, with the help of which keeps your phone off. There are many gesture options in its pro-version, which separates it from the other.

7- Microsoft launcher: 

Earlier it was known as Arrow Launcher. This launcher can update new wallpapers with the help of bing. Its home screen features Google Cards. Apart from this, there is also a reissent panel where you can see the contacts and media files used immediately. It also automatically deletes or merge duplicate contacts.

8- ADW Launcher 2: 

This launcher is a fast and easy to use launcher with hundreds of options available. It has a special feature that lets you change the interface color like your wallpaper. Apart from this, many features like app drawer, icon badge and transmission animation are also present in it.