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Android Oreo is currently the latest Android OS. Google's next Android version will be Android P, because the company is using alphabet. Android Oreo is a version that is being offered quite quickly in the new Android smartphones. But still the condition is that only 1.1 percent of the Android smartphones have so far been available. Now is the turn of Android P

There are some news related to Android P, which you should know about, because the company is working hard on Android P. According to a Bloomberg report, the company is working on changing the look of the software so that iPhone users can switch to the new look of Android.

This bet of Google can also be successful, because it is being said that Apple will not make any major changes in the design of the new version of iOS this time, but this time the company will work to improve performance and improve user experience. In such a case, if Google introduced Android with a new design, Apple users who have long been bored with a kind of iOS would like to use the new designs Android.

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The most interesting in the report is that Google this time will give Nokia support in the new Android like the iPhone X. Notch is not just in the iPhone X, but Android founder Andy Rubin made a smartphone. Essential Phone was given the same design. Apart from this, multiple screens in Android P can also be supported. This will be useful if Samsung brings a smart phone with a foldable display, it will be a different experience.

Google can also replace third party assistants in Android so that Google Assistant can be even better. According to reports, Google may release the first developer preview of Android P by March. As always, this time it will be presented in the final round of Google I / IO, i.e. in May.

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By the end of 2018, there will also be smartphones with under-display fingerprint scanners in the market, so in the next Android it is obvious that its support will be given better way. The concept of the home button will be almost over and this is due to Google's inability to rediscover the compatibility of Android and the company knows it is the best time to do this.

Photos in the coming months will be clear about the features of Android P.