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Do you know that you can write the same Gmail address differently? Very few people know about this tricks. You always need a new email account for online services (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). In how many ways you can get a new email address that is actually the old mail address. So let us know how to create a new email address ..

Trick 1. 

Add dot (.) To your username

Gmail does not count dot (.) In the username as characters. Therefore, if your email is softonicguy@gmail.com, then you can add one or more dots to it and Google will identify it as the same address. In this way you can write your email address. like-


Trick 2: Add additional words to your username

Gmail does not allow you to add only dot (.) To the user, but you can also add additional words to your username. For this you just need to add plus symbol (+) after your username and then add the word that you want to write. like-


Trick 3: 

Accept both tricks

In this trick you can take both trick 1 and trick 2 together earlier. like-