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Everybody is using the smartphone today. It is obvious that you will know almost everything about the smartphone. From the smallest setting of the phone to reboot the phone, you will not be unaware of anything. 
But in this post we are going to give you some information related to the phone that you hardly know. We will tell you about the 3 Secret settings of the phone. Users can keep their phone's data secure through these easy settings. And also save passwords from being public. So let's tell you about these secret settings in detail.

Smartphone's Secret Settings:

Setting 1:

First you have to go to phone settings. Tap on the language and input option in it. Now, tap on the Gboard and click Advanced. After that, turn on Share usage statistics and share snippets. This will improve your Gboard

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Setting 2:

Tap into Google Phone Settings and tap Google. Here you will see Smart Lock for password at the bottom. With this setting you auto-login to the app and website. From here you can turn it off. Also, you can add those apps here whose passwords you do not want to save. This will not even leak your information online.
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Setting 3:

Go to the browser and type myactivity.com. After this tap on next option until the main screen is available. After that go to the menu from the icon to the left. Here you have to tap on delete activity by. Then click on delete. Doing this will delete your activity on Google.