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Sometimes you have some messages or calls that are useless for you. To avoid this, you may update many services or silent the phone. But have you ever tested your phone, do you know that your phone is the only solution to this problem. If you are disturbed by unwanted calls, messages or notifications, then we will give you some tips that will allow you to block such calls and messages from your smartphone itself.

1. Go to your phone's settings first.

2. Then tap on the Sound and Notifications.

3. In it you will get an option of intrusion, click on it.

4. Here you will find some options, one of which will be 'Wayne Call and Notification Arive'. Click on it.

5. Through this, you can choose who can call and message you.

6. Not only this, you can also choose Priority or Do not Encrypt, which will stop the call coming to you, the sound of the message.

#There will also be another option in which it can also be set which day or how many calls you should not have.

1. For this you have to first turn on the restart in call and message.

2. After this you will get call and message options. From here you can set whether you want to take a call message or not.

3. On this, you will get the option from which you will be able to set which day and time you do not want to take calls and messages.

Let us know that these settings will send calls and messages to your phone but their voice will not come. If you want to block a call, you can do so by going to the contact you want to block.